Repair electrical shortcut

Repair electrical shortcut


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The Repair of Electrical Shortcut includes

  • Basic labor to install electrical outlet with favorable site conditions.
  • Cut out and mount remodeling style electrical box.
  • Wire from existing junction box within 15 ft.
  • Cost of related materials and supplies typically required to install electrical outlet including: connectors, fittings, fasteners and mounting hardware.

Repair electrical shortcut , this service does not include:

  • The supply of the electrical equipment such as outlets, switches, lamps, etc (We can provide a separate quote for this item)​
  • Demolition, structural modifications and restorations if required (we could provide a separate quote for this ítems)​
  • Electrical or relocation of electrical outlets (We could provide a quote for this item)​
  • Does not include city or association permits


  • It is important to consider that the service does not include a change in the electrical network of the house. In the event that the short is in the entire network, an additional budget will be made.
  • This service does not include modifications to the furniture.
  • In this service it is important to consider that it does not include the product or materials that have not been specified. If the client requires a special outlet or switch reference, it must be supplied by him, or an additional budget will be generated.
  • This service does not include modifications in furniture, it does not include modifications, explorations, ceramic finishes, and concrete, the work area must be suitable for installation, if it is not, an additional budget will be passed.
  • Does not include throwing away the rubble, these will be left in the area of ​​the house or building that the user assigns duly stored.
  • Deliver the free work areas with due anticipation so that they can carry out the work properly.
  • Does not include transfers of the new product to be installed, it must be in the place where it is going to be installed.
  • The technician starts the service within the time frame defined with the client, it has an estimated duration of 1 hour, without presenting any new features that increase the time.
  • The technician only performs tasks that can be performed by one person, otherwise an additional technician must be paid, which will be charged at the cost of the service.
  • A parking lot must be available for the technician, otherwise, an additional charge will be made.
  • If you are outside the coverage area, you will have an additional mileage cost.


The guarantee for the work and installations carried out by SOS ASSISTANCE personnel is six (6) months from the date of delivery of the work or installation/assembly service.

The guarantee applies only to the quoted items and works carried out directly by the personnel of our company, the incorrect treatment that people may cause on the installed elements is exempt from guarantee.

In case the guarantee becomes effective, the respective evaluation will be carried out to proceed with the necessary work to comply with the guarantee and approval or acceptance to the satisfaction of the client.


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