The arrival of a baby in the family brings about a series of modifications in the routine, not only for the parents but also for the environment and how it is adapted to the arrival of this new family member. That’s why today at SOS Assistance, we will share what adjustments you need to make at home for your baby.

Lo que debes tener en cuenta para adecuar el cuarto de tu bebé recién nacido.

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Ensuring Baby Safety at Home

The first thing you should always consider is their safety, which depends exclusively on the care you provide. If you live in a high-rise or a two-story house, balconies, and windows must have protective nets to prevent falls or objects from being thrown out. Additionally, this will prevent larger toys from being thrown towards the street, causing any type of accident.

Adecuar balcones y ventanas para la llegada del bebé.

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Creating a Comfortable Nursery

The nursery should have everything necessary to make your baby feel comfortable. To create a sleep routine, it’s crucial to ensure proper lighting; thick curtains or blackout blinds will become your best ally in helping your baby sleep soundly. Place a small lamp with adjustable light intensities in the nursery. This will help the room not be entirely dark, preventing your baby from getting scared when waking up and making it safer.

Cómo iluminar y organizar las cortinas en el cuarto de los bebés.

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Additional Safety Tips for Babyproofing

To further complement the adjustments for the baby’s nursery, consider adding corner protectors to furniture to avoid future accidents. If you want to add a special touch to the baby's room and have some furniture for placing stuffed animals, books, or toys, ensure that the shelves and frames are well-installed.Safety should always be a priority, ensuring stability and secure installation to avoid any risks or potential accidents.

Finding the right balance with a new baby can be a bit chaotic and stressful for new parents. That’s why at SOS Assistance, we can provide all the support and help you need to make the necessary adjustments and transform this space into a magical and loving place. You will have the support of a highly experienced team in-home assistance services.

Key Takeaways for Home Preparation for Baby

  • Safety First: Install protective nets on balconies and windows.
  • Comfortable Nursery: Use blackout blinds and adjustable lamps for better sleep.
  • Furniture Safety: Add corner protectors and ensure stable installation of shelves and frames.

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