Locksmith Advisory & Detailed Estimate

Locksmith Advisory & Detailed Estimate


Elevate your security with our expert Locksmith Advisory & Detailed Estimate service, the first step to tailoring your space’s defense. This high-level primary review furnishes you with:

  • In-depth Technical Analysis: Receive a complete real-time walkthrough of your property’s security health, given by our field experts.
  • Personalized Security Roadmap: Attach a quote prepared exclusively for your profile, listing the scale of provision, literature on the programs we deem a match, and budget alignment.


  • Exclusively a performance and promise analysis and proposition platform; no direct repairs or hardware supplied. Suggestive shopping list and precautions pitched.
  • Each home visit typically an hour, to unfold without overruns unless situational obstacles seek redress.
  • Parking must be available for the technician; additional charges may apply if parking is not provided.
  • Services outside our standard coverage area may be subject to additional travel fees.


At SOS Assistance, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, offering a 3-month guarantee from the date of service delivery. This guarantee covers all labor and materials as detailed in your personalized quote, ensuring your peace of mind. Should our guarantee be activated, we commit to a comprehensive evaluation and remediation process, ensuring the work meets your satisfaction and adheres to our high standards of quality.


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