SOS Assistance LLC Safety Policy

Commitment to Safety

The safety of our employees and contractors in the workplace is a core value at
SOS Assistance LLC ("the Company"). No other business objective is given
higher priority than this. This Safety Policy guides all employees and contractors
of the Company in fulfilling the shared responsibility to protect the health and
well-being of everyone involved in SOS Assistance operations.

Recognition of Safety

SOS Assistance acknowledges that a safe working environment directly
benefits the employee, their family, the community, the clients, and the
Company. Therefore, we are committed to providing a workplace that is safe
and healthy. We demand that safety be a priority that is not compromised by
any other business initiative.

Safety Expectations for Suppliers

We expect our suppliers and business partners to maintain the same safety and
health standards as us. The Company will ensure that these expectations are
clearly communicated and understood by all parties before any services

Company Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of SOS Assistance to provide adequate facilities, safe
equipment, tools, clear procedures, comprehensive safety programs, and
ongoing training so that employees can perform their work without risks.

Employee Responsibilities

It is up to each employee to work safely, not only for their own benefit but also
for that of their colleagues. This includes adhering to established safety
standards, using appropriate judgment and skills in each task, and fully
committing to the Company's safety culture.

Starting Work Activities

No employee should start a task without fully understanding what work needs to
be done and how it should be done safely. All employees are expected to
actively participate in the company's safety management process, which
includes communicating any unsafe behavior or condition to management for
review and action.

Leadership and Support

Employees in leadership positions have a special responsibility to promote and
actively support the Company's Safety Program. This includes overseeing and
ensuring the application of safe work practices and adherence to safety

Commitment from Everyone

We urge everyone at SOS Assistance, through our leadership and active
commitment, to accept the challenge of working safely and to actively pursue
injury and illness prevention in all areas. Safety is a value we extend beyond the
workplace, encompassing all activities of our employees.


This global approach to safety not only protects individuals but also strengthens
our business community and our clients. SOS Assistance is committed to
maintaining and continually improving these safety standards.