Vent Hood Installation

Vent Hood Installation


Transform your kitchen with our Premium Vent Hood Installation service, designed to ensure your cooking space is equipped with optimal ventilation. This service includes:
  • Professional installation of Vent hoods under optimal site conditions, enhancing your kitchen’s functionality and style.
  • Coordination for the provision of the Vent hood upon request, with a separate quote available for the appliance itself.
  • Handling of necessary modifications, including ductwork and electrical configurations, with additional quotes available for these specialized services.
  • Comprehensive service planning, from equipment and material procurement to area preparation and protection, setup, and cleanup.


  • The service quote covers labor only. The range hood and any necessary ductwork are not included but can be provided upon request for an additional quote.
  • Additional costs apply for installations requiring new circuits or ventilation duct modifications, with detailed estimates provided based on your specific needs.
  • The service does not include obtaining city or association permits, which may be required depending on your location.
  • Modifications to the installation area, such as explorations or finishes in ceramic and concrete, are not included. Should adjustments be required, a separate estimate will be provided.
  • Debris generated during installation will be stored at a designated location on the property but not removed.
  • The installation area must be clear and accessible before the technician’s arrival to ensure an efficient service process.
  • Our expert technician aims to complete the installation within 1 hour, barring any unforeseen complications.
  • Parking must be available for the technician; additional charges may apply if parking is not provided.
  • Services outside our standard coverage area may be subject to additional travel fees.


SOS Assistance offers a 3-month warranty on all range hood installations, affirming the quality and durability of our work. This warranty covers all labor and installations as specified in the quote, excluding damages due to misuse.

Should the need arise to activate the warranty, we will conduct a thorough evaluation and undertake any necessary corrective actions, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our service.


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