At SOS Asistencia, we take pride in offering high-quality services and making a positive contribution to our communities. Through this blog, we want to highlight how our activities go beyond bringing positive experiences to homes and businesses; they are also changing the lives of hundreds of employees and contractors by providing formal employment. This change not only transforms their lives but also those of their families.
el impacto social de sos asistencia en el mercado laboral
A commitment beyond tools

Every intervention by SOS Asistencia, whether it’s a repair, installation, or remodeling, represents a step forward in the shift toward a more formalized work culture and the pursuit of a robust job market. Our main goal is to improve experiences in the homes and businesses we work for. Our services, spanning from plumbing, electricity to locksmithing, glasswork, and installation, among others, have a direct impact on the local economy and provide employment to highly skilled professionals. This includes both our direct employees and contractors who, with our assistance, now have formally established businesses.

The human face behind the skill

At SOS Asistencia, every member of our team has an inspiring story. Individuals who have found employment and stability through the opportunities we generate. Both our technicians and customer service experts have their own transformational journey. In our team, we not only have skilled technicians but also a significant group of single mothers. They communicate daily with users and clients to provide solutions, thus transforming their lives and those of their families.
el impacto social de sos asistencia en el mercado laboral
Beyond a Repair: Training Programs

Our commitment goes beyond simple repairs. We invest in training programs for the development of technical skills in all areas of the company. These initiatives ensure that our teams are comprehensive and versatile, offering peace of mind through continuous learning. The opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge in one area and the possibility of learning and getting certified in many others are some of the reasons why SOS Asistencia not only improves homes and experiences but also transforms lives, preparing people for prosperous and sustainable careers.

At SOS Asistencia, we are a committed family building, transforming, and formalizing together. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of social transformation and discover how, by working together, we are changing the country and building a more solid and hopeful future job market.

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