Ensure Your Pool or Jacuzzi Doesn’t Take Its Toll on You

Owning a large house or a country home with a pool or jacuzzi is a luxury, but it comes with the responsibility of regular maintenance to prevent skin issues, damage, and leaks. At SOS Assistance, we provide expert advice and services to keep your pool or jacuzzi in top condition.

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Pool Maintenance

Proper pool maintenance is crucial to avoid costly repairs and health hazards. Here’s a detailed guide on what your maintenance team should do:

1. Inspection and Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain your pool before, during, and after use. Water is a breeding ground for fungi, microorganisms, and bacteria, which can lead to health issues.
2. Cleaning: Clean the pool walls and floor to remove dirt and debris.
3. Filter System: Thoroughly wash and clean the filtration system to ensure it operates efficiently.
4. Refilling: Refill the pool with clean water.
5. pH Level: Regularly check and adjust the water’s pH level.
6. Water Treatment: Apply the chosen water treatment, whether it’s chlorine or salt.
7. Ongoing Cleanliness: Keep the pool free from mold, dirt, and small leaves to maintain hygiene.

Additionally, it’s essential to understand the pool’s filtration system, including the functions of skimmers, drains, suction nozzles, jet nozzles, pumps, valves, pre- filters, filters, electrical panels, and piping systems.

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Jacuzzi Maintenance

Jacuzzis or hot tubs require careful maintenance to ensure sustainable water usage and optimal performance. Here are key tips:

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1. Location: Place your jacuzzi in an ideal, spacious area to facilitate proper use and installation.
2. pH Level: Monitor and control the water’s pH level at least once a week, adjusting based on the chemical used (chlorine, bromine, salt, or lime).
3. Filter Cleaning: Clean the filters at least once a month to remove residues and dirt.
4. Food and Drink: Avoid eating in the jacuzzi to prevent water contamination.
5. Body Oils: Shower before using the jacuzzi to minimize the introduction of body oils into the water.
6. Cover: Keep the jacuzzi covered when not in use to protect it from dirt and external contaminants.

No matter your choice—pool or jacuzzi—always select a professional team for your space transformations. At SOS Assistance, we’re here to support your home projects with expertise and reliability. Contact us for more information.